From Menstruation to Menopause, herbs and herbals for hormonal support

From our first period to our last, women's bodies experience a range of physical and emotional symptoms tied to our hormonal fluctuations.  In our shop, we turn, again and again, to a handful of herbs and blends for support.

 Each of our targeted life stage teas, Sweet Relief (link here), Mama Tea (link here) and Power Surge Protector (link here) have specific herbs to alleviate the symptoms we endure.

 Let’s start with an herb that all our blends share, Stinging Nettle.

While it’s no fun to touch, this supportive plant is packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help nourish women throughout their lives including Vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium. From liver support to bone density and overall vitality, nettle packs a punch.  If you’re pregnant, there are mixed messages around the safety of nettle.  It can expedite uterine contractions so you may be advised to hold off to just before birth to get additional support from this powerhouse.

 Our two teas that support you during your menstrual years also contain Vitex (Chaste berry).  This berry supports the pituitary gland function to release hormones that regulate the reproductive system, easing symptoms of PMS including menstrual cramps, water retention, acne and headaches.  Because of its ability to help the pituitary fine tune the production of estrogen and progesterone, vitex can also be part of the solution to infertility challenges.

Raspberry Leaf  is another herb found in our tea blends that helps with everything from menstrual to menopausal discomfort.  Our staff finds it soothing for cramps just before their period and we have many soon to be mamas who, in their final trimester, come in to stock up to strengthen their uterine lining and ease labour pains. Once baby is here, it can help stimulate milk production.  Further down the road, as you transition to menopause, raspberry leaf is used to manage heavy flow and regulate erratic periods.

If you review our three tailored blends, Sweet Relief, Mama Tea and Power Surge Protector you will find a variety of other herbs that are finely tuned to support you through your life stages such as Red Clover, Dong Quai, Wild Yam, Alfalfa and Oat Straw.

Nature provides so many herbal solutions to support you on your life journey.  If you aren’t quite ready to forage and create your own blends, we’ve got you covered in store.